[BUNDLE] Yovav Caribbean - Zen Mode 12" + V - Numéros 12"


Yovav Caribbean - Zen Mode 12"
It’s time to re-engage with your inner peace as Yovav follows his previous Correspondant cameo (‘Andiamo’ on ‘Compilation 05’ in case you’re wondering) with this sublime exercise in horizontalism. Charmingly balmy, harmonic and hypnotic; this is the sound of Yovav bathing us in a gilded sonic sunset. Well… It’s not called ‘Caribbean Zen Mode’ for nothing,

Remix-wise we’re in for a treat as Tuff City Kid Gerd Janson lays down a delicious hip-swaying Balearic version. Delicately layered with glistening guitars, chimes, harps and a rolling percussive groove that opens up into a broken swing while the steady kick matches the slinky, sultry bass notes, it comes complete with its own bonus drum groove for added deep mix creativity. Inner peace found, zen mode activated. Thank you Yovav.

V - Numéros 12"
Correspondant welcome V, the once-mysterious man behind now-legendary head-turners on Cin Cin, Nautilus Rising and his own Le Temps Perdu. Since revealing himself to be Lithuanian veteran Vidmantas Cepkauskas at last year’s Boiler Room Vilinius – at Club Opium, the famed Lithuanian underground haven he programs – he has continued to flourish and innovate… And he promises plenty more in store for 2018.
It starts right here with ‘Numeros’. A triple-headed technoid narrative of many layers; ‘1995’ immerses us gently with a palpitating bedrock that’s delicately built up with humanised textures and oceanic chords, ‘2001’ uses the physical thrust of sprightly EBM motifs to drive us into the bleak new century while ‘2017’ kicks with a pneumatic drive and a dizzying chain of chimes and harmonics that whisks us through the rave ages while looking firmly and defiantly into the future…. Where a fittingly rattled, dramatic and dynamic Fabrizio Mammarella remix awaits.

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